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Why is it called Handcartz
Because Handcart.com was taken. You guessed, it by the Mormons.

Who makes reproduction parts
Ed Snyder makes ex reproduction parts. Give him a call and see what he has in stock. 215-257-2422
Mention I sent you.

Do I buy Hand Carts
I will buy Hand Carts. Mostly Im in need of parts to complete others I own. So if you have a rusty piece of junk I probably need parts off it. Have a spare nut or hub cap sitting around I could use it.

Hand Cart
Handcarts are for Mormons
Hand Carts are for GI's
Basicaly its two words not one.

What are the dimensions of a Hand Cart
Sorry I just dont have the time to measure a complete Cart and put it on paper. I can give simple dimensions of small parts.

How can I ship a Hand Cart
The only economical way to ship a complete Cart is Greyhound. The weight must stay under 100 pounds so in most cases the wheels will need to be removed. I Believe there are a few destinations that will take 150lbs.
Greyhound link Have been turned down by agents before so it pays to call ahead before your buddy wastes his time trying to ship. Sometimes it depends on there attitude or how dirty it is. According to the company rules the Cart will fit in the Bus.

Of course the other way is all the Common shippers. In most cases the original bolts will need to be destroyed to take the Cart apart.

How much does a Hand Cart weight
M3A4 (Steel) XXXlbs
M3 (Aluminum) XXXlbs