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May 2010: Well it's been a long time coming, but I finally finished the website using a different site builder (Coffee Cup). It is a lot easier to use. Ive added alot of new Hand carts to the serial list. Take a look and see if yours is on there or the information is correct. The new site doesn't have much added information. The biggest reason it took so long was to transfer all the old web pages over. Hopefully this site will work better and I can finally ad new information.

May 2010: Was contacted once again through my website asking my opinion about the value of an RL-16 Cable reel Cart. I ended up striking a deal with Sid in Oklahoma. He has a friend who ships Cars and anything he can fit on a trailer, so its going to be delivered within 4 hours of my house the first week of July. Better than flying to Texas, than driving 8 hours round trip to Ok. to get it. Pic

The cart was bought at a tool swap meet. A buddy of his has a old foundry that was used to put water in Guthrie Okla. They casted all the fittings and man holes. Later they went into casting parts for the oil field. He has a museum of old tools. He holds a swap meet there every year for tools. An old man had the cart. It was turned upside down and used as a welding cart to haul bottles.

May 2010: April/2010 Purchased a modified Cart (JOHN WOOD MFG. M3A4 #26686 1944) turned into a little wagon on EBAY. Flew down to Los Angeles with the family, spent a few days and flew the thing back in the belly of an Alaska Airlines Jet. Pic

May 2010: Feb/2010 I went down to Oregon and picked up a Cart (M3A4 TRUSSBILT #18740 1943 ) after I was contacted through the website. The Cart was left over from the mans Father in laws estate sale after it didnt sell. Took a quick trip down with my son and brought it back in the Ford Expedition. Pic

Oct 2008: Rick at BMGPARTS Now has 3 nice examples of Carts to his ever growing Machine Gun collection. R.I.A. #11381 Pic John Wood #20914 Pic and a Model 1942 Marine Corp Cart Pic

Sept 2008: Finally went out to Vintage Motorcycles Northwest. I met Steve White at the Portland Convention and he mentioned he had some 19" cart wheels. When I showed up I was very happy to find out they were 18" wheels. I was missing a set for my 1938 M4 cart. It was a good day. They are complete with hubcaps.

Sept 2008: Flew to Russ Morgans place in Loveland Colorado and picked up one complete M1A1 Chemical Mortar Cart (with pull chains, and turnbuckle) and a fairly complete second Cart. Used my Alaska Airlines flight benefits and shipped it back on a Boeing 737. Cart picture. Plane picture.

July 2008: Greg Dixon restores T4E1 MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE CART #669 found in a barn in Northern Virginia. Picture

June 2008: Rick Leenstra of Silverdale Washington picked up two steel M3A4 carts recently from two different tractor collectors. R.I.A. #6793 1943, and R.I.A. #7099 1943.

June 2008: Claude Mourey plugs away on his RL-35A Reel Cart. After only a few weeks he is almost finished with it. Picture

May 2008: Gary Schultz of N.J. purchased T4E1 MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE CART #1347. He drove by the cart for several years before stopping and making a deal. Picture. Update: sold to new owner.

May 2008: Claude Mourey hears of about remains of a Marine Corp cart.The cart happened to have two original Machine Gun brackets on it. A deal was made, and I'm now the proud owner of the cart. Picture. For now I will just look at them and hope I can find an original rear bracket. They will not work with Ed Snyders reproduction brackets. At some point the brackets will go on my 1938 M4 cart. Picture.

May 2008: Picked up the three Model 1917 37mm Ammo carts from Gardner Montana. Picture.

April 2008: Claude Mourey tells me he has found the undercarriage of a T4E1 MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE CART Picture. The owner brought the cart to Tower Park meet in California. With the help of a few people the cart is loaded onto Larry Michelson's trailer and makes a few stops around the country before ending up in Washington State. The cart is now in my garage on he waiting list to be restored.

April 2008: Ed Snyder completes his Paracaisson Load M9 restoration.